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Interior design services for Libraries Interior design services that fit your budget and style

Embury, Ltd. believes that a well-planned and designed facility plays a huge role in the experience your patrons, students, and staff experience at your library. Knowing that librarians are always evaluating and re-imagining what there library can offer to their patrons, we help you create a facility that is comfortable and inviting.

Our Interior design services can help you select the furniture and finishes that fit your budget and style. We can provide you with floor plans using computer aided design software that allows for easy changes or modifications until we are have created the best plan for your library. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of products, furniture, and solutions allowing us to guide you though the process of re-designing your facility into the environment you’ve dreamed about.

Every project, whether it’s modifying a small area or designing the entire library, requires personal service and attention to detail. Professional interior design services can take a lot less time and are more affordable than you think, give us a call to discuss your project now.


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